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Young Living Business Opportunity

14 Reasons to Consider a Home Business with
Young Living Essential Oils

  • Unique Products featuring essential oils and Essential Oil Enhanced Supplements.

  • Start your business with as little as a $40. startup investment.

  • No inventory requirements because Young Living is Referral Based Marketing.

  • Just share information and refer people with your sponsor number. Young Living pays generous commission on sales.

  • Fair and Lucrative compensation plan - Both part time distributors and full time professionals benefit.

    25% Star Performance and Matching Bonus on your new Distributors first month offers fast start compensation and puts money in your pocket right away.

  • 24% Retail Bonus: Immediately start earning financial rewards by creating customers.

  • An incentive to achieve with rewards at every level so as your business grows, so will your compensation.

  • Effective distributor-support program

  • FREE products and reduced shipping rates for auto-ship members.

  • Unconditional money-back guarantee

  • Stability - Young Living is a firmly established over ten-year-old, financially solvent company.

  • Freedom - Spend time with your family and children. You can go on vacation when you want. You'll never have to request time off in advance or settle for a measly 2-week vacation every year.

  • Empowerment - You set your schedule, you choose your salary, you work where and when you want without punching a time clock or working under the watchful eyes of a supervisor or boss.

  • More money - Even with annual raises, no employee ever became a millionaire. You make more as your own boss and you decide how to spend it.

  • Less stress - No deadlines (except the self-imposed variety), no boss, no co-workers, no cubicles, no sitting in traffic, no stress.

  • Take advantage of Tax Benefits available to small business owners.

      "There are enough deductions involved in a home business to cut the average American's taxes by as much as $5,000 or more per year." -Money Central

      "The greatest tax reduction strategy in America is to start a home based business." Jeff Schnepper, Microsoft tax expert

Benefits of Joining Young Living
in the Grade A Notes Team

There are many reasons you will want to join Young Living as a Distributor in our team, but among the largest reason is that you will have access to our massive collection of all the tools you will need to build your successful business.

You can have a Web site like this one with autoresponders and use of the Grade A Notes newsletter to help build your business.

This exclusive members area has been online for and just keeps on growing with more and more exciting tools for your success.

Features of our members only area:

  • Essential Oils Library - Articles and education about essential oils and related stuff.

  • of Archives of Grade A Notes Newsletter in a printable Microsoft Word version that you can change the contact info and use as a tool to promote your Young Living business.

  • Massive Business Builders Area - with a goldmine of tools and instruction on many ways to build your business both online and offline. You will have access to sample flyers, business cards, dropcards, postcards, marketing letters and other promotional tools, banner ad graphics, outlines and presentations; as well as instruction in how to effectively use all of these tools. Lots of business building ideas that work. Choose whatever fits your style and personality.

  • Large Audio Library with business building advice, success & motivation, Law of Attraction, oils related audios and much more.

  • Law of Attraction, success and motivation tools

  • Free 14 Day Training Course - As a member of our group you will have access to a business building e-course that will send an email training module every day for 14 days. This training is crammed full of detailed instruction on how to build your Young Living business both online and offline. This training works in connection with the many tools and resources you will find in the members area.

Why Young Living is Different

Unique Products featuring essential oils
and Essential Oil Enhanced Supplements

Young Living Essential Oils is world renowned for exceptionally high-quality essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products, and other unique solutions for healthy lifestyles.

No other company has the totally organic orientation or the proprietary distillation technology that Young Living has. Young Living's uniqueness means there is virtually no competition in the industry.

Consumers have unmatched loyalty to the products because of life-changing results.

Young Living Essential Oils

The Compensation Plan

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Young Living Income Disclosure PDF